Our first woodland Weekender…

March 17, 2014 Comments Off on Our first woodland Weekender…

The break in the weather couldn’t have been better timed…

With three new clients we settled into our first Weekender course and delighted to say it was a huge success. We guided everyone through a whole host of topics including tracking, rifle shooting, game dressing, campcraft, friction firelighting, game dressing and butchery with some natural food foraging throw in for good measure. They all came away exhausted but exhilarated from an action packed weekend and delighted that all will be back for our Huntsman courses to keep their skills going.

Massive thanks to Karen for keeping such an immaculate camp and keeping the kettle on the boil, to Dave of Wildpath Bushcraft my other instructor for all his expert knowledge and to Matt, Steve and Adrian for being such excellent company and students. Look forward to seeing you all back soon.

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Our next course slot is on 11th-13th April or for further dates check out www.ff-ruralcourses.co.uk

Dartmoor Hawking

March 17, 2014 Comments Off on Dartmoor Hawking



A great day spent down at Dartmoor Hawking with Martin and his feathered friends – all as deadly as they are beautiful and cant wait for a chance to go out with him on some Dartmoor hunts.

Selfie photos by kind permission/copyright of Amy Smith Photography – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Amy-Smith-Photography/322770311179799

Hen’s On the Loose

March 13, 2014 Comments Off on Hen’s On the Loose


The sun made its first formal appearance for our first Hen Party of the year. Thank you to all the girls for being so enthusiastic and entertaining both in the shooting and in the innuendo-filled, sausage making that followed. Delighted that the Cider Flagon Knock-Out Competition winner should have been the Hen herself – please enjoy responsibly! 😉FF3 FF7 FF8

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